Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Commuter Students and the disconnect

It's funny, but I am very passionate about the life of a commuter student. People often overlook the reality of what being a commuter student is. They get the whole part of them living at home, but really they don't take the time to understand the disconnect that occurs. That is one thing that I tell my residents every week... befriend a commuter.

As you may have gathered from the "about me" section, I am a former commuter who now lives on campus as a Freshman RA. From not only my intro to this post and my quick change to a campus resident, it is obvious that I did not like being a commuter. It was tough. I am a people person and I worked every day to get involved on campus so that I wouldn't become an outcast. Its not as though the campus is trying to outcast you, its just the fact of the matter that when you're not here you really do miss out.

Such was the case that for the majority of the year, with me trying mind you, I was outcasted due to a natural disconnect. I won't lie, I actually started looking for colleges to transfer to and put in a couple applications, but then it hit me. Everything I did that entire year, all the work I put in to be social, it all paid off. I was able to travel to Dallas, TX with the Mercyhurst Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society and finally found my place.

I challenge all commuter students to get involved and be active. I know its possible to be a successful commuter student because I watched my brother do it. Get out of it what you can and always live without regrets.

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