Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Break

So, while I am not sure that this falls into the whole "academics" or the "extracurricular" category singularly, I feel as though this is an important part of the whole fall calendar... FALL BREAK!!!

I am currently enjoying beautiful Chicago and my beautiful girly-friend. It is really nice and cool to be in a big city. There is a lot to do and many people to meet, but it always makes me miss the quiet, friendly, and safe Mercyhurst campus. Though Chicago is a great place to visit, it is just such a contrast, which makes me believe that this was a great Fall Break destination, as in it makes me appreciate what I already have.

My girlfriend goes to DePaul University, which is where I am staying. It seems like a very exciting place, but its just too big for me. It's too big in the sense that there are too many people who probably will never meet everyone and I would offer a guess that they are all fighting for the same opportunities.
I remain so blessed at Mercyhurst because of everything that I am able to do and be involved in. I love my girlfriend and love that she's happy here, but I can just see how she gets stuck in her program and is unable to expand too far from there.

Mercyhurst has a nice campus with nice people and nice buildings, world class programs and world class professors... its the best of the suburbs and cities, and is small, but not too small to not have resourses.

I love Mercyhurst and I hope some of you will too.

Thanks for reading,

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