Thursday, November 4, 2010

Summing up the term

As of today we have about a week left of classes and two weeks until the end of finals. All of my professors are kinda moving toward summing up everything that we have been talking about all term and moving toward actually preparing us for the numerous tests, papers, and/or projects that we have due. 
Just to give you an idea...

Mathematical Problem Solving- Yes, sound easy? It is. This math course falls into the "Common Core" or the general education courses that all students have to participate in. (I will write another post explaining the core) This course goes through trigonometry, fiance, probability, and something else that I cannot remember at the moment. While this course is only one of many I decided to go with the easier class simply due to my lack of interest in math and the fact that I do not have a great need for high math skills. The nice thing about this class is that there are only four quizzes and four tests, therefore... NO CUMULATIVE FINAL! So, that makes  me happy :-)
World Politics- This classes is a great example of using the Core to your advantage. As I have expressed in my description I am a political science minor and to get a minor you must take "American Government" and 8 other poli sci courses, of which three areas have political science courses. So when I'm done with the Core I will already by a third of the way done with my minor. Ok, so World Politics was a pretty easy class assuming that you enjoy politics. This class had one test and two papers on current issues, along with critical thinking blogging assignments throughout the term. This class falls into my core and my minor. It was good, easy, and interesting... the best of all worlds. 

Principles of PR- This class has been overwhelmingly my favorite class this term. It has had a medium work load, but for the most part the professor doesn't just lecture from a powerpoint and podium, rather she is moving around, has the class critically thinking about various and current topics. With two "midterm" like tests and a large project, it remains my favorite. Today we listened to a presentation from Greg Verdino through American Marketing Association about Social Media and Networking. The picture on the right shows a picture of this presentation. Our school works really hard at diversifying the style in which we learn and this is only one example.

Religions Persons and Traditions- My final class is one of our three required religion courses. Being a Catholic college, this is a just a fact that everyone must take religion classes, but there are a wide variety of classes that have nothing to do with Catholicism and therefore make there is no sense of a religion being forces on the students. This class was difficult with a lot of religious theory, but more so due to the number of tests and papers. The thing I admired most about this class is the professor; he was brilliant! A class may be difficult, but when you have someone who knows their stuff and makes you interested, no matter how hard the class you start to enjoy it.

Ok... that was a lot, but those are all the course I am just finishing up with. I guess there are two morals from this story... 1. It doesn't have to be a "major" class for you to enjoy it and 2. If you enjoy your "major" then you have way more fun it its classes :-D

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