Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Fest - Plain White T's

Hello Everyone,

Spring Fest was here and now gone, but there are no regrets as the weekend was a blast!
Friday night was giant as Mercyhurst welcomed five bands, count them, FIVE!  The Romantic Era, Andy Grammer, You Hang Up featuring Frankie Muniz, Parachute and The Plain White T's.            

I missed the Romantic Era, but I have only heard raving reviews. The Romantic Era is actually a local band comprised of at least one Mercyhurst College student, but I think with such success in having a local band it will become a tradition to host a local band.

Andy Grammer was also amazing. He is really well known for his hit, Keep Your Head Up, which you can see here. I think Andy was generally the surprise of the night as many people don't know his name, but his music was great.

You Hang Up featuring Frankie Muniz was cool, but that was soley because of Frankie. The band overall was... blah, but it was cool to see Frankie. Frankie even ended up going to the local bar after the show, which I guess created a lot of stir. 
Parachute was pretty cool, but the lead singer was obviously obsessed with himself. Their music was great, but you know when the lead singer spends more time in the audience then on stage that he enjoys his fans touching him just a little too much. Maybe I'm being harsh, but I'm holding to my opinion here.
Finally, the Plain White T's were an amazing headlining group. They really picked their songs up more than I expected as most of their songs seem to be slower. We were relatively close to the front when everything went dark and suddenly the lead singer was standing on the sound board in the back of the athletic center where he sung "Hey There Delilah", but then I realized that the band was coming back out so I pushed my group to the front and center right along the rail, which was were we stayed until the end of the show. It was great!

Overall, all of the performers were great and came out to sign autographs after the show. They were very friendly and down to earth.

Spring Fest also includes Saturday afternoon events, which were all held in the athletic center. There were a lot of things going on, but mostly there were really cool Hawaiian dancers, who probably weren't even Hawaiian, but they did stunts with knives and flaming torches, so how could you not like that.

The weekend was amazing, and that still doesn't include my adventures for the duathlon. Stay tuned for the next post.

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