Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yesterday was an odd day

Hello Everyone,

I hope the summer is going great! I'm still hanging out down here in Williamsburgs and having a great summer. I had an odd experience yesterday that I wanted to share:

So, growing up my family and I lived at the local zoo. It was a cheap place to entertain us, but we also learned a lot, which created my attention and appreciation for such facilities. Another cool part of the zoo was that they had weekly segments on the news about different animals and different happens, which was something that I always enjoyed. These broadcasts were always done by the park marketing guy and now president, Scott Mitchell.

Since my childhood I have volunteered at the zoo and worked there for a year, increasing my interest and appreciation. When it came time to chose a program for school, I had no idea what I wanted to do was called, but I knew what I wanted to be. I looked into Scott Mitchell and found out that Scott hold some sort of communication degree, which is completely the reason that I found communications and am now a very satisfied comm. major.

There is a reason I tell you this story now, which is simply because out of all the people that I may have seen in Williamsburg this is the guy who literally decides to go floating past me in Hubba Hubba Highway (one of our lazy rivers). Not only does he go by and recognize me, he also got out and held a conversation with me. I don't think he remembered my name, but he sure knew I was out of place working in Williamsburg.

This may sound way tacky, but when someone you admire is able to identify you and has no idea what little impacts that he has had on your life along the way, well, it means a lot.

Williamsburg, and more specifically Busch Gardens, is treating me very well. I have a meeting with the VP of HR in the upcoming week, a Manager of Park Ops, a Director of Park Ops and eventually I will get to see the GM of the parks, VP of Water Country and the Director of Park Ops at Water Country.

Lots to learn... Only a month left.

Thanks for reading,

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