Saturday, July 2, 2011

What is the meaning of life?

Hello Everyone,

The meaning of life and the quest to find and understand it is exactly why my journey has led me to Williamsburg.

Went to my second team night tonight and am again impressed with the detail and respect that is Busch Gardens. Tonight was Illuminights Preview night for team members. Busch runs Illiminights all summer, which includes night shows in four countries and ending with a spectacular fireworks display.

Not only were the shows all good, but the fireworks were probably better than any that I've ever seen. Shot from three locations, the music, perfect timing and of top quality and technology, it was just incredible.Not to mention that they shot them tonight singularly for the team members, which is just so cool that they care about their employees that much.

Busch surprises me every day... typically in a good way.

This week I had an amazing opportunity to have breakfast with the GM of the parks in Williamsburg. It was really cool that the GM takes time to appreciate the thoughts and concerns of team members and actually uses that information.

Life is good and I work every day to find a meaning in my life, not only here, but in the future. I have learned so much here, so much so it is difficult to convey that through text, but it is definitely setting me up for success. I'm excited.

Thanks for reading,

P.S.- We got our room assignments for this school year and I will once again be in McAuley Hall, not to mention in the same room. Should be another good year. :-)

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