Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fast forward to now. The results of a month of neglect.

Hello everyone,

This seems to be an all too frequent opening line, but I apologize for my extended absence. This is my catch up for you since I've last published:

After I left Williamsburg, I spent 2 weeks in RA training and being a Laker Leader. If you are new to the blog, RA is Residence Assistance, which I am for freshman residents and absolutely love. Laker Leaders are Freshman Welcome Week ambassadors who help with all of the events. Both jobs are highly involved, but it was great to welcome the new class in with such style. Check out our Flash Mob:

(Wow, this seems forever ago) 

The last three weeks have been utter chaos. As always, I have completely under estimated the complexity and the required time dedication of my classes. I have three large research papers this term, which all have turned out to be group papers. So, besides my three papers ( two 20 page and one 100 page) and four classes, I am also very much so involved in the Communication Department and working to bring the department back to life, which will be the subject of my next post. 

Now three weeks in, the residents are good and it promises to be a good year. Please look for more updates in the coming days. I am going to be more dedicated to this thing if its the last thing I do. 

Happy Sunday! Go Steelers! :-)

Thanks for reading, 

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