Monday, December 5, 2011

Joe Pudlick - Mercyhurst student plans on an amusing career

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I don't know what my luck is, but I again was featured in local news. Please click the caption below for the story.

Joe Pudlick - Mercyhurst student plans on an amusing career
You move along a journey called life and you search for your place, where you belong now and how it will get you to your future. This story was released this morning, and tonight it means much more than it was ever intended or expected to be.

I have been extremely lucky in my journey. Knowing Communication was my fit before I even started looking for programs, finding a program that makes me versatile and employable (strategic communication), and finding an institution that supports me for who I am and enables me to take opportunities that will one day allow me to reach my dreams, is absolutely incredible.

Amusement parks are my hopes, dreams and aspirations as I realize that the life I want to live is one where I "live to work, not work to live". This realization comes in two forms of gratitude.

First, while my interest was always there, my passion was fostered in part by my best friend Andrew who supported a like interest. Together we have been able to go further, do more and dream bigger. I wouldn't be here without him.

Unfortunately dreams only get you so far, and because of that there is one person in particular who has been instrumental in supporting my dream into being reality. My greatest advocate, supporter and professor, Meghan, is the person has who pushed me to the edge and given me the courage to jump.Without her guidance (Cover letters, résumé, interview advice and general tips), I also wouldn't be where I am today.

I spent a summer in Williamsburg, VA, something I thought I'd never do, and was hired to IAAPA as an ambassador in a opportunity I never expected to reach. Today's article was not only in the Erie Times, but it also stretched through the industry in several online publications, which is the 'much more' I referred to earlier. Knowing the industry professionals across the country had access to my story is a powerful emotion.

Joe Pudlick at IAAPA (More to come on IAAPA)
Opportunities are out of my control, meaning that I cannot control when they are given to me, but this place was the place I picked because I believed it could get me opportunities, and I can say that these opportunities are only possible because of the institution and the people before me. I know, this is my place.

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