Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Communication department on the move

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to 2012. While there hasn't been much going on, things are finally starting to heat up, especially in the Communication Department. Department renovations, new department faculty and updated curriculum is in the works for 2012, and that's just the stuff that I don't have control of.

In the coming weeks I will bring you more information on the highlights I just brought you above, but today I would like to present to you the Media Convergence Board, a name that may change, but a concept that I hope to continue to grow. If you've been able to keep up with my posts, I have been talking about this proposal for months and I was just recently given the green light. Below I have posted a link from my personal website, which will allow you to access a copy of the proposal if you so desire to read it.
Communication department on the move
If you had time to read it, there are many things throughout, which could one day contribute to future growth and stature of the organization, though when I call the first meeting in a couple weeks, we will be starting bare bones. My intention behind the ideas was to create something we tear apart or build from, not necessarily just simply adopt. I would be shocked if everyone saw a operation vision the same as mine.

I will be very excited to let you know how our first gathering goes, and provide updates to the teasers that I mentioned above. Until next time, students, especially communication, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading,

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