Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mercyhurst College turns Mercyhurst University

Mercyhurst College turns Mercyhurst University (Click to link)

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Today was a very exciting and historical day as the Mercyhurst College community was called together for the official announcement of the all new MERCYHURST UNIVERSITY!
Mercyhurst College turns Mercyhurst University: January 25, 2012
As an active student, I have been a part of the process since the beginning. While it may not be obvious, Mercyhurst has long since been at the status of university, even being ranked as a university due to the complexity of the school through associate, bachelor and graduate level programs. Most college's only offer bachelor programs, because of which, the only thing that's really changing right now is the name, Mercyhurst University, and the future potential of the institution as a new found university.

Mercyhurst will remain a primarily traditional 4-year institution with around 3000 students, but grow it's associate and graduate programs. It will focus on the founding principles set forth by the Sisters of Mercy and maintain it's Catholic tradition.

"I think it's really cool that we're staying the same, we're going to be a small university, we're going to keep the traditions and the principles that Mercyhurst is based on, because that's the institution we fell in love with. And 'university' is only going to enhance that." Said Mercyhurst Junior, Joe Pudlick.

Mercyhurst College turns Mercyhurst University: President Thomas Gamble, Ph.D.
announces the transition to the Mercyhurst College / University community.

I'm excited and this is an exciting time in our institutions history. I am proud to be a Laker and a follower of the Mercy tradition. This IS the place for a good name, small school and academic excellence.

Welcome Mercyhurst University.

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