Monday, June 11, 2012

Six Flags Great America

Welcome to SIX FLAGS Great America! Almost didn't recognize me, huh? DON'T WORRY! It's still me.

Hello everyone,

I hope your summer has been awesome! I am getting settled in here in Northeastern Illinois as the Marketing Intern at Six Flags Great America. The summer has already been an awesome ride and it has only been two and a half weeks.

Essentially, it is my job to help ensure that the public knows and is enticed to come to the park. I have had the opportunity to work with newspapers, television and radio stations, to get our message out about all the great things in the park. We also deal with a significant amount of in park promotions, which includes the majority of the signage.

This summer is just beginning, but I can only foresee great things in the future.

Please enjoy some of the pictures of the park and the POV of our new roller coaster, X-FLIGHT, that I have posted below.


Thanks for reading,


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