Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prospective Calls

Hello Everyone,

Have you received a call from a student at Mercyhurst? (if you haven't don't fret) For those of you who have heard back regarding whether or not you've been accepted, I am on the team of students calling and making sure that there are no unanswered questions. I say this because I want to continue to extend my resources to you, our prospective students.

Me, and everyone else who has a part in this process, is very interested in telling the hard facts about this school and not trying to deceive you into coming here. Our #1 priority is helping you find a school that is a match for you and that all starts with questions. I beg of you, and I speak for everyone who plays a part in the admissions process, please send us or call in with your questions. I had a 15 minute conversation with a parent tonight who was worried about her son going to school so far away, but I was able to accurately and truthfully answer her questions to put her worries to rest. Don't let the right college pass you up because you didn't ask questions.

It is true that I love this school because it has granted me the opportunity to follow my dreams; in fact, today I was contacted by SeaWorld Orlando about participating in an internship at their park, something that is my dream and this small school in Pennsylvania is helping me to accomplish.

Mercyhurst is the place for me and I try everyday to represent it in the best way possible, but at the end of the day I realize that it is not a perfect fit for everyone. Please ask questions. Please. Should I say please again? What can it hurt?

I wish everyone the best of luck for your college searches and hope that you can find the place that fits YOU best (even if its not Mercyhurst).

Thanks for reading,

P.S.- As a student caller, let me know when I call if you've read my blog. I would love to get some feedback.

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