Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter rolls on

Hello Everyone,

Winter is still biting at Mercyhurst. We have been graced with single digits and subzero windchill's, which has made going outside nearly unbearable.

Regardless, the term is full steam ahead as we are four weeks from the end of term with plenty of papers, presentations and tests left to take. This is once again where I am forced to praise the trimester schedule. One of the nice perks to the ten week schedule is just that, its only ten weeks. The work might come about faster, but we only have to deal with a class for those short ten weeks and then we're FREE.

Personally, I remain excited to finish philosophy, but I am also going through a lot of fun future planning. I recently dropped my political science minor and have been looking into picking up a marketing, business or events management minor, just to be able to put something nice on my resume. Beyond that the internship race is heating up. The first call I got was from Hershey and I still have that interview in two weeks, but I also had an interview from SeaWorld Orlando last week and I just got off the phone to schedule an interview for Dorney Park. I have sent in like 15 applications, so this is only the beginning, but as I would love to work in the amusement park industry, I AM GETTING REALLY EXCITED!

So, while the weather may not be so much fun, I am keeping plenty warm inside with my work, my residents, and my interviews.

Stay warm!
Thanks for reading,

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