Monday, February 21, 2011

Finals are here... Thank God


All the stress and hassle is melting away as I now have only a two day blitz to freedom! I have one final today, two exams tomorrow and then I have to get a portfolio in by Wednesday at 1:30, which is also basically complete.

I don't think that I have ever had a more difficult term here, though this year I have new stresses in my life. More jobs and responsibilities, specifically from the Resident Assistant side of things. All is working in good faith and only making me a stronger individual.

What always changes for the better is my appreciation for this school and the things that I am able to accomplish. I know people who travel to other schools, such as Penn State and Pitt, for a weekend of partying and come back ranting about the incredible party life, but the truth is that them, like me, thrive in our small school atmosphere. Nothing is the best of all worlds, but I know because of the people here and the opportunities that I am granted, that the incredibly high job placement rate of Mercyhurst is due largely to the people who run this place. This is the environment that I thrive in and provides hope for my future, which all the stress in the world is worth that.

I hope the last few months of high school are treating you well. Enjoy it, it is an only once in a lifetime adventure.

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