Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I do when I should be sleeping

Hello Everyone,

I am officially back and by officially I mean I am starting to get back into the swing of things... starting.

Classes for the winter term wrapped up on Wednesday February 23, but fortunately I was done on the 22nd, which I rubbed into everyone who was still studying. I fared well with one B and the rest A's, but I can attest to this being my most difficult term on record. Terms may seem to be weird to most people, but you truly appreciate it when you get that wonderful week and a half spring break with absolutely NOTHING to do. It was lovely.

Spring break for me has seemed to move away from the typical mold, meaning that well most head for the beaches, for the last two years I have hit the mountains. This year I made my way out to Salt Lake City where I happily lost and immersed myself in everything but school. Check out some of the pictures below, it was absolutely gorgeous.

Considering reality again, we started classes as of Monday and I can say that I am excited for this term. I have Art Appreciation on Monday and Wednesday nights, a class at ten and two on Tuesday and Thursdays, plus an online course, which leaves me completely free on Fridays... YAY! Regardless of the schedule, the courses themselves seem to be interesting, which makes everything better. As I said I have Art Appreciation and then I have Accounting I, New Media (Comm Course) and Intro to Integrated Marketing Online.

There is a bunch of exciting things going on on campus in the next few months, but I would like to point out the Laker Live-in and Major Day. They go together and consist of students spending the night with current freshman from Saturday March 26 to 27. On Saturday there are a whole bunch of events planned and on Sunday is Major Day, where every department sets up a presentation for perspective students. The best part about these meetings is that you can meet your potential professors and they can tell you exactly why their program is the best, along with answering any specific questions that you may have. I really like to encourage people to participate in this weekend because it was the event that lead to me choosing Mercyhurst, so definitely check it out if you can!

Ok, that is all I got. Time for bed. :-)
Enjoy the end of your senior year, time is of the essence.

Thanks for reading,

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