Monday, March 14, 2011

We interupt your education to go to Los Angeles... oh ya.


School is very much so under way once again and I have much high hopes for less stress this term. Thus far I can say that I am excited about every one of my classes without exception, which is nice. This term I have New Media (Comm), Art Appreciation, Accounting I, and Intro to Integrated Marking Online. My schedule has panned out so that for the first time all my classes are not grouped together, which has worked out thus far. I will be interested to see how my opinion will change over the term.

Beyond that, I am excited to report that I was hired by Busch Gardens Williamsburg and will be accepting a summer internship with them. As you all know from my previous posts I have a slight (possible understatement) obsession with amusement parks and hope to eventually work in the industry. Honestly, I don't know what park chain I would like to work in best, but I know that Busch Gardens and its parent company, SeaWorld, is an amazing brand and it will be my honor to add them to my resume.

Finally, as subtly hinted to in the subject line I will be leaving for Los Angeles California this Wednesday to spend the end of the week at a National Broadcasting Society convention. This is not only an extraordinary opportunity to travel, but also to network with people in the media industry, of which promises to be a good time.

Let me know if you are a reader who is planning on the Laker Live-in weekend!
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P.S.- Laker Live-in weekend is March 26-27

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