Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home Stretch

Hello Everyone,

As I look at my calendar I can only think, why does everyone plan everything for the end of the year?! And, are we really boring throughout the year if everything is so packed now? I truly have no answers for these questions, but what I do know is the next three weeks are going to be busy, stressful and fun, all simultaneously.

Looking at what I have to do this week reminds of the Spring Fest Launch party that will take place tomorrow night. Fortunately for you all, I got the inside scoop as I wrote a story on it for the school newspaper. Spring Fest is an amazing event the brings the school community together for one last time before the seniors graduate and we all part ways for summer. Friday night is the headlining event, which is the concert. This year our headlining band is going to be the Plain White T's along with four other bands, all of which you will be able read about in my article tomorrow on the merciad website. Click here to access the Merciad web page. On Saturday, the Laker Luau theme will be carried through the day with a giant BBQ, Luau dancers and so many other activities.  It promises to be a great weekend, but that's not until May 6 and 7.

More current is the giant Relay for Life walk this weekend. We are walking for 12 straight hours from 1 pm on Saturday to 1 am on Sunday. This is a really cool event that is completely student driven and organized. Some cool aspects are the themed laps (super hero, pajama, etc.), all the club and organization tables that line the event route and the night time candle lit walk. This is a really great cause and a great event to have on campus.

In the next week I'll tell you more about Comm Week that is coming up here for the Communication Department, the Duathlon and more on Spring Fest.

Three weeks and counting!

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