Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer is coming...

Hello Everyone,

Summer has finally peeked around here and we're hoping that it's here to stay. The 70's yesterday were much appreciated as the campus is again bubbling with energy.

As we head into the final weeks of term there are many things wrapping up for the good and the sad. The end of classes are in site and that fact creates hope for the better and easier days ahead. We are now at the point where most clubs have begun, if not already, changing hands and electing new e-boards, which means that friends that we have gathered over the last two years are preparing to take flight and actually experience the real world. There is excitement in moving on and then there is sadness in leaving what you love behind.

It's funny, every day and every second of your life here becomes devoted to your future and how you will make it in the real world, but then you realize how close the real world is and that school is not it. The real world scares me and equally excites me. School has always encompassed your life and then one day it will be gone and you will be expected to know how to survive. I am eager and ready, but it is hard to know what the future has in store.

Also, as an RA I have that inevitable truth that my freshman residents aren't going to be so much longer and I will have to split ways with them and face the reality that I have to start all over again next year. I am proud of my boys and happy to see them move, but as in every year I have found my comfort zone with these people and am not sure I am prepared to part that.

Wow, this blog became much more intense then I had anticipated. This is the time of year where you are able to relish the relationships that you've made and remains probably the most enjoyable time of the year, that's all I'm saying.

I hope the final months of senior year are the same for all of you out there. A time to relish, a time to enjoy, and most of all a time to remember forever. Enjoy it.

Thanks for reading,

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