Monday, April 4, 2011

Midterms: Not TOO worried

Hello Everyone,

Not much going on here, but midterms are once again upon us. Luckily I only have two midterms this week and as my Art Appreciation test will be easy, all I really need to worry about is my online marketing course. I have to complete the course work for chapter 8 this week and then I have 24 hours to take the 90 minute test between Friday at noon to Saturday at noon. Wish me luck!

My classes are being kind to me this term, so I am left to be excited about the adventure that awaits me this summer. I am currently going through the process of securing housing and pre-job drug screening. I looks as though I will have to travel to Buffalo to get a hair sample taken (I know, kinda interesting) in the next couple weeks so everything is ready when I'm ready to start work. I am enjoying my continued efforts to gain some background research on my employer and can only wait for this adventure to start.

Ok, that's all I have. As I said, life is being kind and hopefully that continues.

Have a good week!

Thanks for reading,

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