Monday, November 5, 2012

The End is Here

Hello everyone,

Happy November! You probably don't find November to be as welcoming as I, but chin up, there is lots of turkey in your future. As for me, I am four days away from finishing fall classes (for the last time ever), going to IAAPA and leaving my long time job at the Barber Center. Geesh, hold on. I'm getting to details. :-)

Fall Classes

Four days right? Yep! I have been working hard all term to be ready to finish my classes early. Due to my exciting trip to IAAPA and the awesome learning experiences it affords, my professors have been working with me to schedule all of my assignments early. By Friday I will have turned in three papers and completed two exams. I love my classes, but all good things must come to an end. There is no journey without the footprints in the ground behind you.


So, you must be board of IAAPA by now, but I'm sorry I wouldn't be me if I didn't remind you, again, that I will be in Orlando in FOUR days! Ahhhhh, so excited. Rides, games, food, friends, networking, guest service, social media and much much more! This is why I'm a communication major. They give you the tools and you can take a passion, say amusement parks, run with it and be successful. The only thing that stands between you and your dreams is you.

Barber Center

As my bio says, I have been working for Barber Center throughout my college career, but this week that all comes to an end. I am sad to leave such an organization, however it is time to move on. I have done many great things and met many great people, and now I'm off to start all over again. My exciting news is that I was hired as an intern at the Erie County Convention Center Authority.  The authority runs the arena (Erie Insurance Group Arena), ball park (Jerry Uht Park), historic theater (Warner Theater) and convention center (Erie Country Convention Center), including their more than 800 events a year. These are the four largest venues in Erie and I will have the opportunity to work, learn and contribute to all of them. I begin work here after Thanksgiving. 

Overall, life is amazing and I don't know where time goes, but I don't regret a second of my time here. This will be my last post of the term and I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving. Relax and enjoy your family. Don't dwell on the negatives, rather fill yourself with turkey and appreciate everything there is to enjoy about life. We all too often get consumed in the negative. Until then, anticipate a large update from IAAPA.

Thanks for reading,

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