Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring Break Plans

Hello everyone,

One of my favorite things about Mercyhurst is our community, which you will understand more about in a moment. This week is our finals week and fortunately for me, I am already done. I am writing this from Poland. Poland? Yes, Poland - land of my ancestors. As I have mentioned before, my girlfriend is currently living aboard as an English teacher in Spain, so for Spring break I am visiting her in Spain and we're on a trip to Poland.
Now, back to the beginning, why do I love my Mercyhurst community so much? Because I am only here due to the generosity of my professors. I guess I could have left after finals on Wednesday, but being able to leave on Sunday has made a week trip into a more or less two week trip. My professor's know my girlfriend because she graduated from Mercyhurst last year, but at the same time that wanted me to take this opportunity to go aboard and appreciate it to the fullest. Over the last two weeks, I have been working very hard to complete all of my assignments ahead of schedule and take my final exams a week early, which isn't allowed very often, but again, due to the generosity of my professors I am now sitting in Europe for the very first time.

College is such an amazing time to explore and try new things. I am consistently amazed that I am old enough to be traveling the world and four years ago I was at home with my parents telling them my every move. Growing up is an amazing things and I enjoy the adventures I have the privilege to have every day.

Another term is completed for me at the Hurst, now only one more to go.

I am blessed.

Thanks for reading,

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