Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Lake Effect

Hello everyone,

They say that a good intro to a conversation with someone you don't know is the weather. They can always relate to it on some level. Well this week was a roller coaster, Monday through Wednesday was in the fifties and now it's been upper twenties and has been snowing since Thursday. In Erie, this is called Lake Effect snow because cold air blows over the warmer open waters of the lake and then drops the water on shore in the form of snow. So until the lake freezes, we get really beautiful and fluffy snow storms, making campus just as gorgeous in the winter as it is the summer.

Two weeks are left until the end of term, which means that I only have one more term to go! Event better news is that I only have one class this Spring. Yes, you read that correctly. Overloading during the past two years has allowed me to finally breathe a sigh of relief, work on some special projects and have some fun before reality kicks in. I am so so so excited!

If you are a communication major, keep an eye out for information regarding the "Day in Communication." This is your opportunity to spend a day dedicated to communication, talk to professors and students about the program and get an official school tour from me! Contact Meghan Corbin at for more information.

In light of the Super Bowl this evening, while short, this is truly my only update for the week. Carry on, keep warm and enjoy the commercials.

Thanks for reading!

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