Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life on a Timeline

Hello Everyone,

As I mentioned last week, life has been hectic preparing to leave early for IAAPA, but as I always say, everything happens for a reasons.

So just to give you an update on my student life. For the record, I think this is the most challenging term for me ever. As I've mentioned, I have three group papers, a graphic design class with random assignments as well as three classes with finals and two presentations, all still due in the next three weeks.

If that wasn't bad enough, the convention for the National Broadcasting Society is just a week away and time is of the essence for EVERYTHING! Ahhh!

As I was complaining to my friends mom the other day, she asked me what I was going to do about it and I was dumbfounded. She said, the only time you should complain is if you're going to do something about it, so she looked at me and said, are you going to do something about it? I said yes, and started writing a list of things to do.

My point being, I'm done complaining. Back to work :)

Thanks for reading,

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