Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trimesters or Semesters

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Just a quick update. So things have become a little heated on campus as a proposal has been put in place to replace our current trimester system with a more traditional semester system.

If you don't know, trimesters run three 10 week terms, as semesters run with two 15 week terms. Interestingly enough, the faculty senate has created and passed a plan which calls for two 13 week terms and one 3 and a half week term that would go around Christmas.

Moving away from trimesters has been suggested in the past, but the students can't get past the tradition. The new standards enacted on the college this year make class time lengths very long, which is why faculty are pushing for the change.

For now, students are gearing up to a grassroots efforts to keep the school with trimesters, which seems to be the way the student body is leaning. I personally think that as we potentially move to become a university and we are growing as we are, we must be intended to upgrade and adopt a system that so many universities around the world find success in. Interestingly enough, we have not always been a trimester school, but that doesn't seem to matter much to students.

Anywho, just so you know what's happening. Power of the people :-)

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