Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mercyhurst Communication Department - My love of Mercyhurst

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As promised, here is a just a brief bitty on the happenings in the Communication Department.

NBS Group
Over the summer the department went through many changes, the biggest trigger of which was the department chair stepping down and moving to a different department. So another professor was appointed to chair and then re-appointed to dean and another professor was then appoint chair (lost yet??). Anywho, all of these changes, marked by years of neglect have honestly left the department in a bit of a decline.

This year, I am excited to say, has been marked with multiple student initiatives, which has created a lot of stuff happening in the department. Already, we had a Comm. Picnic sponsored by Comm. Board, a speaker by National Broadcasting Society, which will be repeated in a week by Public Relations Student Society of America, and finally a Comm. Dept. Townhall Meeting as an update to all the summer happenings.

So, my part in all of this is tremendous, which is the whole point of me telling you all of this. Any tour I give to perspective students gets a healthy filling of what I think is Mercyhurst's most exciting feature, which cannot be seen physically, just felt and played out. Student empowerment is key here and is the basis of me having the involvement in the department.

NBS is not only bringing in speakers. For the first time we are hosting the annual National Broadcasting Society Freedom States Convention, right here in Erie and right on campus. What does this mean? I means that our member not only get experience for going to a professional convention, but they also get to have their hand in every step of the process.

Check out the convention trailer on the left, which was created by one of our group members.

Up to this point, we have booked a hotel for our guests to stay at, secured over ten speakers to present at the event, secured food options and booked space on campus, and that doesn't include what needs to happen over the next five weeks. This is a great resume and portfolio builder for all of us.

Of course I obviously am biased towards Mercyhurst, but if you want a place where YOU will matter, and what YOU have to say makes a difference, this IS the place.

This is not me bragging, just simply making a point. If hadn't pushed for the convention, we wouldn't be hosting it right now and I would not being having this experience. I had an opportunity to have a say and now I am getting experience that will get ME a job one day. It's not a just about a degree, it's an education.

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