Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Break

Hello Everyone,

I never foresaw myself as being an extravagant spring break taker, but after two miraculous years in a row, I guess I can no longer say that. Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Park City, Utah (essentially Salt Lake City) and ski for four days. This year, my girlfriend and I went from D.C. to Boston looking at grad schools. More productive than most people's breaks, I must say, but fun nonetheless.

In D.C., we visited my aunt and uncle and stayed with her aunt and uncle. I looked at Georgetown and American, and she looked at George Mason and American. Georgetown does not have an accredited communication program :-( so they're out and American is probably my number two after a Boston school. I'm not sure what the girly is thinking.

Boston was AMAZING, just like a little town that grew up over night. I looked at Emerson College and Boston University, while the girly looked at Simmons College and Boston College. BU is not the place for me, but Emerson is definitely my number one, hence why there are pictures below. It's just all about creativity and I love it. :-) Overall, it's interesting that the setting of Emerson is completely opposite of Mercyhurst.

I thoroughly enjoyed my college visits, but now am happily home in McAuley Hall. I don't every think I'll find a home as relaxed, comfortable and cozy as Mercyhurst, but then again every once in a while you need to break out for your box and go for the outlandish. Mercyhurst will be hard to leave, but I still have a year to worry about that. :-)

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