Monday, October 8, 2012

We Make Our Success

Hello everyone,

Today is officially the last day of Fall Break here at Mercyhurst University. We have enjoyed an incredible long weekend, getting off Thursday, Friday and Monday in honor of our very last mid-term fall break as we move to semesters next year. This break would have been much nicer and more productive if I hadn't gotten Walking Pneumonia. It doesn't exactly make for the most fun of times, but better than amidst a busy week I guess.

Stacy and I talk with Matthew Cummings, Director of Communication for the School District of the City of Erie.
Prior to both break and sickness, my long awaited "Speed Networking" event took place on Wednesday afternoon. You may remember, after weeks of planning we had to change the date and rescheduled it to Wednesday. The reality of life it seems is that we (students) learn best by making mistakes. It seems that everything that could go wrong did, but not for lack of good reason and without a fairly decent outcome. Again, things to learn from.

Jenna and Charlie talk with Boo Hagerty, VP of UPMC Health Plan
The event ended up being a huge success. We welcomed seven area professionals from numerous backgrounds and concentration, and provided the networking opportunity to 15 students. More than that is how this event is a stepping point for my organization. It is really important to not continuously be planning and to occasionally execute a plan. This is one of those cases and now a basis to improve.

A special thank you to Lauren Smith, PRSSA VP of Professional Relations, for owning this event and making it a reality.  

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Stacy listens to Mike Smiley, VP of PAPA Advertising

Leann talks with Laura Schaff, Assistant Mayor City of Erie

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  1. Hey Joe, congrats on a great event!

    Great lesson about learning from mistakes (which doesn't stop when you cease being a student!).

    Thanks for sharing!