Thursday, January 24, 2013

Busch Garden's Branding Change

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Continuing on my assignment for industry news I bring the evolution of logos. After the new year Busch Gardens released designs for a new logo, but this is no small implementation. Logos are a big deal. Think of Coca-Cola, Ford or McDonald's, three iconic brands that the first thing you see in your mind is their logo, which is a representation of their product. Also consider the capital that will be involved in implementing it into the parks. Changing a logo is no small or cheap task.

Ever since I worked for Busch Gardens in 2011 I have received tidbits about the strength of the brand being in question. The company states that they conducted two years of research to determine how to alter and positively influence the brand.  The new logo as seen above is earthly and appeals to both the thrills and environmental identity maintained by Busch Gardens. The icon on the right is the coaster tree, which represents that "Fun Grows Here" at Busch Gardens.

Below, on the left, is the logo they are now transitioning from and, on the right, the original logo of the parks. All three tell a very different story, but considering what the brand is, the new logo is a great step toward better communicating that brand even though I still love the old red logo.

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