Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Blues

Hello everyone,

The title, "Weekend Blues" may be a bit of a misdirection, but I think it speaks to the awkwardness that was this weekend. Primarily for the first time in 41 years Mercyhurst closed the university at the end of last week. Due to a drastic temperature shift, several water mains broke causing the school to have little to no water (depending on the building). On Thursday school was cancelled and arrangements were made for students to be sent home or moved somewhere safe. Now with water restored, classes are beginning again today.

While typically cancelling classes and creating a unforeseen break would be a blessing, not this weekend. As you have heard me discussing, this weekend was the 2013 Frozen Putt-A-Thon hosted by my student organization. My team and I spent Friday night and Saturday morning uncovering the course and decorating. Then from noon to 5 p.m., we opened the course, provided free hot chocolate and donuts, as well as hired a great DJ to keep the course rocking!

Overall, the event was a huge success. For the second time around, we had more than 60 people attend the event and considering that the majority of our Mercyhurst audience wasn't able to, that was a great success. We had the opportunity to succeed and make some mistakes, so now all there is to do is evaluate everything, compile resources and contacts for next year and move on to the next project.

We had a great day and I am proud to have such an amazing team. Here are some pictures of the crew doing the wobble on the course!

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