Monday, January 21, 2013

It's here!

Hello everyone!

It's finally here. After just under five months, this is the week for the Frozen Putt-A-Thon. The press release has been pushed out, more than 2,700 fliers have been distributed and every community event calendar in the county has the PRSSA Frozen Putt-A-Thon on it.With a snow storm on the way for the early part of the week, the troops are preparing to dig out the course and add about 4,500 twinkle lights, decorations and tinsel, all before doors open at 12 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. It's a great time for the PRSSA chapter and I'm super excited for the event. If you're interested in coming, please visit us at

Harbor View Miniature Golf - Erie, PA

While I have been telling you a lot about my PRSSA adventures, this past week I hosted the "Epic Program" as an event in my freshman hall, though I cannot take all the credit for it. First of all, the idea came from a wise man named Shaun. Shaun is an HR master who is originally from Australia, but now travels the world starting parks and training their management team and team members. I met Shaun as part of my IAAPA Attractions Expo experience over the last two years. This is called "Rock Paper Scissors Warriors," and perhaps is not nearly as good as the IAAPA team, but we had a blast doing it in Warde. Thank you all for participating if you're reading this! Check out the video below.

Have a wonderful week!

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